Why I’m Changing the Name of My Blog

Why I'm changing the name of my blog to be my own name - KateRaeDavis.com

When I started writing this blog, I wanted to do it under a name that would convey an understanding of God that is rooted in reading culture. Thus, Literate Theology was born.

At least, that’s what I would have told you at the time.

The truth is, I wanted to create a blog that obscured parts of my identity.

In particular, I wanted to hide that it I’m a woman doing theological work, because women often aren’t taken seriously — especially when we aren’t writing explicitly about our womanness and its impact on our theology.

I have been told that I don’t “perform my gender” well enough to survive in the Christian blog world. Women Christian bloggers often highlight their roles as wife and mother and bearer of emotions. While I am a wife (though not a mother) and I do have emotions (not a robot), I don’t root my identity in my relationship and don’t experience the world primarily through my emotions — on the Myers Briggs, I’m strongly on the Thinking side of the Thinking/Feeling spectrum.

Sometimes, my tendency to think before I feel makes me feel like I’m a bad woman. Or maybe bad at being a woman.

But as I grow in my writing and my identity, I realize that I don’t need to hide my identity to do good work. I realize that by obscuring, even a little bit, the fact that I’m a woman doing theology means that I’m silently allowing the continuation of the narrative that women don’t do the kind of writing I do.

So, I’m coming out. I’m changing my blog name and design from “Literate Theology” to be under my own name – Kate Rae Davis.

This is partly to help me be more authentic, more myself. It’s partly to develop integrity around my belief that Christian women bloggers don’t have to play up their womanliness. I want to prove that I can be a successful Christian blogger without performing my gender. And yes, it’s also a marketing move to help me be a recognizable name and presence so that when your church or event hires me, the name means something when you promote your event.

I’ll be honest: part of me is worried that this change might come off as narcissistic. Part of me worries that it means it will be more difficult to collaborate with others. I’m taking this action in hope that being more authentically myself will free my voice to come out more authentically in my writing, and will open doors to people who want to collaborate with me, not with some faceless blog name.

The name is changing, but the content will remain the same, and hopefully continue to grow and improve with me, and with us — your feedback and conversations help shape and improve my work so much.

The design changes to the site will be happening over the next week or so (it’s a little challenging to find all the places I put the old name!). I hope you like it.

And I’m glad you’re a part of it.

While we’re making introductions…

If you haven’t introduced yourself on the site yet, say hi in the comments! Tell me what draws you to the site and what you hope to read more of in the future.


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  1. Bill says: Reply

    What draws me here?
    As a lover of literature and theology, this seems like a natural place to visit. 🙂

    1. Kate Rae Davis says: Reply

      Welcome! Always good to connect with others lovers of lit & theo!

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