Letter to a Newborn (Part I)

Letter to a Newborn - post on Literate Theology / Kate Rae Davis

Below is the first part of a letter I sent to accompany my first gift to the first child of some good friends. Her entry into the world, even on the other side of the continent, has already brought so much joy to me. So I thought I’d invite you to marvel at new life with me, to celebrate the miracle of of 1 + 1 equalling 3.

Dear Baby,

This is my first gift to you.

I set out to make an ordinary baby blanket, but I’ve come to think of this as your Transitions Blanket. The red was crocheted in the final days of your mom’s pregnancy. As she moved into labor, I moved colors — the pink was done almost entirely during her (and your) labor to bring you into the world; each stitch a prayer for health, wholeness, holiness. As I finished the final sections, I thought of all the changes you’ve already experienced in your short life: changes in temperature and light and sound and food. And I thought of all the transitions your parents were going through as they become parents.

If you read this when you’re older, I think it’s hard to imagine our parents’ life as it was before our own existence. But your parents did live, fully, for many beautiful years before having you. Imagining your early transitions has helped me to see the miracle of their transitions into parenthood. All of you have reminded me that we never stop changing and transitioning and transforming. Not ever.

So, here’s a baby blanket, a Transitions Blanket, created in the midst of your earliest transitions. May it be a reminder that you survived them. May it be a reminder that there are always others — no matter how distant — who are holding you through life’s many transitions. May it bring you many types of warmth.


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  1. Love the idea of a transitions blamket

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