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  • Finding a Way into the New Year

    It seems that every year-end, when the word “resolutions” comes up, some self inside me sends out a whispering pulse: You should be writing more. In response, the voice I more readily identify  as my self responds: I’m not really one for resolutions, but I’ll make some effort at writing regularly.  Of course, on such a non-committal foundation, the aim […]

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  • Conjuring the Spirit of the Season

    The absence of Christmas spirit is a presence in my home. I skipped out on the normal mantel decorations. I didn’t even take the stockings out of storage. My gift wrapping is minimal and sloppy. I just haven’t been able to tap into the spirit of the season. In a world celebrating a season of merriment, music, and memory-making, […]

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    On Writing - post on Literate Theology / Kate Rae Davis

    Here’s my confession: I don’t love to write. Finding the right words with the proper connotations is tedious. Moving those words into a linear order to convey non-linear thoughts and emotions is frustrating. Constructing a piece so that the reader has all the needed information before arriving at the next point and the next point […]