Integrative Project / Master’s Thesis

“To Play with a Child Named Sorrow: Engaging Sin, Grief, and the Self-in-Relation through Myth & Fairy Tale” is available in the library of The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology.

You can watch a ten-minute presentation of the project here.

30 Seconds or Less Podcast by Ideas Done Daily

An archive of all Kate’s 30 second podcasts is available here.

The Other Journal

The Sun and the Salutation

Dancing Prayers: An Interview with Richard Twiss

Intersections and Stories blogs at The Seattle School

An archive of all Kate’s pieces for The Seattle School’s blogs is available here.
Some favorites:

The Church is a Community that Holds
I’m a Christmas Unicorn


Most of my sermons can be found in the “Sermons” category on this blog, though I post them with hesitation as they are better delivered with inflection and gesture. Places I have preached (links lead to archives):
St Paul’s Episcopal Church, Seattle
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Seattle

Evergreen Mennonite Church, Kirkland
OneLife Community Church, Seattle
St Luke’s Episcopal Church, Seattle


“Love Your Selfie” – March 2016, Assemblies of God regional youth retreat

Kate Rae Davis - photo by Kelsey Paulsen