• Creativity
  • Finding a Way into the New Year

    It seems that every year-end, when the word “resolutions” comes up, some self inside me sends out a whispering pulse: You should be writing more. In response, the voice I more readily identify  as my self responds: I’m not really one for resolutions, but I’ll make some effort at writing regularly.  Of course, on such a non-committal foundation, the aim […]

  • Creativity
  • Conjuring the Spirit of the Season

    The absence of Christmas spirit is a presence in my home. I skipped out on the normal mantel decorations. I didn’t even take the stockings out of storage. My gift wrapping is minimal and sloppy. I just haven’t been able to tap into the spirit of the season. In a world celebrating a season of merriment, music, and memory-making, […]

  • Faith
  • Christian (Anti-)Materialism

    Christian (Anti)Materialism - [Literate Theology]

    ‘Tis the season for decking the halls, listening to carols, and trying to manage the expectations and social norms of gift-giving. In recent years, I’ve noticed increasing discussion on wanting Christmas to be less materialistic and more focused on Jesus, most often applied to gift-giving. One trend is this gifting rhyme: “One thing they want, One […]

  • Bodies / Embodiment
  • Gratitude for Hidden Things

    Gratitude for Hidden Things - Advent post on Literate Theology / Kate Rae Davis

    As we transition into the advent season, I find myself full of gratitude and grief for the hidden things — the emotions, experiences, remembrances, and hopes that are invisibly working and growing inside myself. I am grateful for the rhythms and rituals of the season. Many of my rituals are familiar across the country: a Thanksgiving meal with gathered friends, a trip outside […]

  • Community / Church
  • Thanksgiving Presence

    Thanksgiving Presence - post on Literate Theology / Kate Rae Davis

    My friend Jen was recently lamenting that she had accepted an invitation to Thanksgiving before having received Nancy’s invitation. “Maybe if you keep the party going until 8 or 9, I could join you then!” she half-exclaimed an implied question. “No.” The inquiry had actually been directed at Nancy, but it was my voice that responded with firm immediacy. […]

  • Gospels
  • The Anti-Apocalypse

    Sermon: The Anti-Apocalypse - Literate Theology / Kate Rae Davis

    Reflections on Mark 13:1-8, delivered at Our Lady of Guadalupe Episcopal Church. ******* There seems to be something hard-wired into humans that makes us want to know what the future holds. We wonder about the future in ways that are small and individual, and in ways that are large, global, and cosmic . Perhaps this morning you […]

  • Gospels
  • Living in the Tomb

    Sermon: Living in the Tomb - post on Literate Theology / Kate Rae Davis

    Reflections on John 11:32-44, delivered at Our Lady of Guadalupe Episcopal Church. ******* I would have stayed in the tomb. In the Middle East, it’s hot. Which means decomposition sets in quick, and the stench of that rotting process is heavy in the air. So if I had been four days in a tomb, in the […]